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Sunshine by Jacky Lee - Singapore Comedy Short Film | Viddsee
A geeky young man prepares for his upcoming driving test by driving his father’s taxi around in the neighbourhood nightly. Like many guys his age, he believes that a driving license will help him attract the opposite sex. His dream, or you can say nightmare, came true when he was forced to pick up a runaway teenage girl as his passenger. Together, these two strangers embark on an unforgettable journey of magic and terror, laying the foundation of a potential friendship along the way.趁著爸爸熟睡的時候,無牌駕駛的他打算偷偷地開著爸爸的的士在住家的停車場那裡練習駕駛。可是,卻遇上了一位正在攔截的士的女孩。於是,他們共同度過了一個美麗的夜晚...
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