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Carry On Carry Me (我愛口水堅) by Wong Wing-hong - Hong Kong Drama Short Film | Viddsee
Fai is mired in work on a project that appears to foreshadow the wake-up call he is about to receive. Rushing to the bedside of her grandmother, he is shocked to learn that not only she is at risk of being paralysed following a stroke but that her faculties have been compromised by advanced Alzheimer’s. Entrusted with the care of the grandmother’s canine companion, he is confronted with the sad reminder that a man’s best friend has taken the place of absent family members and filled in the emotional void, prompting him to reassess the priorities in his life and make amends for neglecting an endearing figure in his childhood.當發仔正為公司企劃忙得焦頭爛額的時候,他收到了一通緊急電話。當趕到婆婆躺著的病床上時,他才發現從前精神奕奕的婆婆在一瞬間變成了患上失智症的癱瘓老太太。在照顧著婆婆的當兒,他被種種的哀愁與懊悔包圍著,不斷的提醒著他一直為了生活而錯過了與婆婆的歲月。
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