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A Letter To The Sky by Mohamad Hassan Arjmandi - Iran Drama Short Film | Viddsee
A boy named “Mahdi” lost his firefighter father who saved a little girl from a deadly fire. Out of missing his father, Mahdi decides to write him a letter and send it to the sky (heaven) with two helium balloons. A stranger receives the letter accidentally, reads it and decides to reply on behalf of Mahdi’s father to end Mahdi's confusion and grief.Mahdi 的爸爸在一場火災中意外殉職。他不捨爸爸的離去,更決定了為天國的爸爸寫信。將信紙懸掛在氣球寄出的當兒,意外的掉落在一位陌生人的手中。於是,他決定了回信...
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