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Magic (变(幻)) by Shawn Chia,Carin Leong - Singapore Drama Short Film | Viddsee
An elderly man spends his days revisiting his past as he recedes into his illusory world of nostalgia. The magical innocence is quickly dispelled when his daughter returns home from work and he is thrown out of his world of comforting memories to face the hard truths which she presents. Magic (变(幻)) questions the moral dilemmas of pragmatism, amnesia and family in a rapidly-modernising world.他花上了時間來回顧自己年輕時的過去。當女兒放工回家時,一切的回顧魔法似乎突然就消失得無影無蹤。(变(幻)) 帶出了失智症與現實生活中的矛盾衝突。
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