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Phyu Phyu - 3 Doors of Horrors by Ving Lee - Malaysia Horror, Drama Short Film | Viddsee
Set in a industrial zone where a security guard patrols the area every night. One night when he bumps into two suspicious men and found Phyu Phyu, a lost spirit of a Rohingya girl.Seorang satpam berjaga di sebuah pabrik setiap malam. Suatu hari, ia bertemu dengan dua orang yang mencurigakan dan menemukan Phyu Phyu, arwah tersesat yang merupakan gadis Rohingya.[Viddsee Community] Read the filmmaker's Ving Lee's AMA, hear his story and learn horror filmmaking tips here!Catch the rest of the 2015 instalment of 3 Doors of Horrors:Watch "1 2 3" hereWatch "Stay With Me" here
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