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Phyu Phyu - 3 Doors of Horrors by Ving Lee - Malaysia Horror, Drama Short Film | Viddsee
Set in a industrial zone where a security guard patrols the area every night. One night when he bumps into two suspicious men and found Phyu Phyu, a lost spirit of a Rohingya girl.Seorang satpam berjaga di sebuah pabrik setiap malam. Suatu hari, ia bertemu dengan dua orang yang mencurigakan dan menemukan Phyu Phyu, arwah tersesat yang merupakan gadis Rohingya.Got questions to ask or thoughts to share? Chat with the filmmaker here.Catch the rest of the 2015 instalment of 3 Doors of Horrors:Watch "1 2 3" hereWatch "Stay With Me" here
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