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Quite Ordinary by Masaki Takahashi - Japan Drama Short Film | Viddsee
Tamotsu Nirasaki is a gay high-school teacher who can't get laid. One day, he finds out one of his pupils, Yu Shiotsu, is also gay. "Can I finally become happy?" Nirasaki asks himself, but it turns out Shiotsu is in love with the top student of the class. As Nirasaki gets depressed that he doesn't have a chance from the start, he makes Shiotsu confess his love to the other student, and tries to take advantage of his failure.Tamotsu Nirasaki 是個高中的單身同志教師。一天,他發現了班上的學生,Yu Shiotsu 也是個同性戀。“我終於可以找到自己的幸福了嗎?” Nirasaki 問著自己,但其實 Shiotsu 愛的其實是班上的資優生。Nirasaki為此感到傷心失望,也因為這樣他鼓勵學生Shiotsu向心愛的人告白,而他便可在告白失敗之際趁虛而入。
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