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Hero (英雄) by Sun Ji - Singapore Drama Short Film | Viddsee
Hero is a short film set in 1979 Singapore. Back then, there were still pockets of gangsters who operated within gangs known as 'secret societies'.This film weaves action and drama together as it follows a father who wants to leave his life in the underworld to pursue a simpler one with his daughter. What it is going to take is that he represents his gang for one final fight. How far will a father go, to become a hero in his daughter's eyes?敘述著1979 年代的新加坡,那個還存在著少數的幫會的在秘密運作的時期。只想與女兒過著簡單生活的阿虎爸爸,毅然想退出現有的幫會打手。而這之前,他必須為幫會打上最後一場。為了女兒,他到底會如何應對這場最後的戰役?
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