Bananarama / Please Yourself, 2CD+DVD, Deluxe Ed
ÁLBUM FORMATO CD\n\nBANANARAMA\n\"PLEASE YOURSELF\"\n(DELUXE EDITION)\n(2 CD + DVD)\n\n(CD 1)\nPLEASE YOURSELF\n01. Movin' On 4:33\n02. Last Thing On My Mind 3:35\n03. Let Me Love You One More Time 3:37\n04. More, More, More 3:05\n05. Is She Good To You? 3:38\n06. Only Time Will Tell 3:31\n07. Give It All Up For Love 3:55\n08. You'll Never Know What It Means 4:29\n09. You're Never Satisfied 3:26\n10. I Could Be Persuaded 5:05\n\nBONUS TRACKS\n11. Another Lover 3:30\n12. Treat Me Right 4:41\n13. More, More, More (7-Inch Mix) 3:24\n14. Movin' On (Bumpin' Mix) 6:13\n15. Last Thing On My Mind (Hi-NRG Mix) 5:59\n16. More, More, More (12-Inch Mix) 5:16\n17. Nueva Dirección (Movin' On - Spanish\nVersion) 3:37\n18. Last Thing On My Mind (Extended Version) 5:40\n\n(CD 2)\nBONUS TRACKS\n01. Movin' On (Movin' Mix) 8:50\n02. Is She Good To You? (7-Inch Remix) 3:18\n03. More, More, More (Original 12-Inch\nMix) 7:09\n04. Only Time Will Tell (Garage Version) 4:38\n05. Movin' On (Original 12-Inch Mix) 7:33\n06. Is She Good To You? (12-Inch\nClub Mix) 5:50\n07. More, More, More (Extended Version) 5:04\n08. Movin' On (NRG Mix) 5:20\n09. Last Thing On My Mind (Xtra NRG Mix) 5:29\n10. More, More, More (More Tech No Dub) 5:49\n11. Movin' On (The \"Norty\" Banana\nMix) 6:18\n12. Last Thing On My Mind (Fxtc Dub) 8:19\n13. More, More, More (Remix Dub) 5:06\n\n(DVD)\nPROMO VIDEOS\n01. Movin' On\n02. Last Thing On My Mind\n03. More, More, More\n\nBANANARAMA AT THE BBC\n04. Movin' On (On \"Top Of The Pops\")\n05. Last Thing On My Mind\n(On \"Pebble Mill\")\n\nEDSEL RECORDS - RHINO\nHECHO EN EU.\n\n¡PRODUCTO NUEVO!\n(NO SELLADO)\n\n-------------------------------------------\n\nENTREGAS EN SANTIAGO:\nEN MI DOMICILIO\nEntre las estaciones de metro\nFranklin y El Llano (Línea 2).\nHora a convenir.\n\nENVÍOS FUERA DE SANTIAGO:\nChilexpress previo depósito bancario\ndel valor del envío.\n\n¡VENTA SÓLO DENTRO DE CHILE!
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