Juegos Variados de consolas
Vendo o permutó los siguientes juegos de PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS : \n\nPes 2016 a 15\nAs syndicate a 25\nThe Order 1886 a 20\nLBP 3 a 15\nJuts cause 3 a 25\nTales from the Boderlands a 20 \nSherlok Holmes a 20\nDragon Ball Xenoverse a 20\nUncharted colection a 25\nSaints row a 20\nMetal Gear a 30\nNeed for speed 2015 a 25\nBatelborn a 15\nInjustice a 15\nShadow of Mordor a 20\nThe Walking Dead season 2 a 20\n\nStreet Fighter a 17\nThe Walking Dead season 1 a 15\nUncharted Golden abys a 17\n\nPokémon Sun\n\nDe preferencia busco Sniper 3, As Chronicles, final Fantasy XV, Sniper 4, Caballeros del Zodiaco, Resident Evil 7, Republique, LIFE is Strange, DMC, DOM, Hitman, Batman Return to Arkham, Samurai Warrios 4, King of Fighters, muerde soul Suspect
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