Reloj Timex Monitor Cardíaco Y Gps. T5j985
Reloj nuevo, con caja y manuales.\n\nEntre su variedad de funciones, permite marcar 10 \"posiciones\" a través del viaje, para después volver sobre esos mismos puntos en el viaje de regreso.\n\n Combines GPS location data with heart rate monitor for serious runners\n Provides latitude and longitude, altitude/elevation data; record up to 10 waypoints for Track Back\n Chest strap heart rate monitor provides target zones with alarm and time in zone\n 100-hour chronograph; 100-lap memory; 5 alarms\n Watch is water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet); up to 2-year battery life\n\n Target Zones: Preset your desired heart rate exercise zone. Alarm notification when you are not in zone.\n Average Heart Rate: Displays your average heart rate over a period of time.\n Time In Zone: Amount of time spent within your selected heart rate target zone.\n Recovery Heart Rate Timer: Measure your heart rate after a timed recovery.\n Max Heart Rate Zone Calculation: Automatically sets your five training zones; one manual zone.\n Digital Transmission: Timex's system protects your data from other heart rate monitors and most exercise equipment.\n\nThis watch also provides:\n\n 3-line customizable display\n Summary Mode: review navigational, speed, distance and heart rate performance data at end of workout\n 100-hour chronograph with either lap/split in large digits,\n 100-lap memory with recall of Bodylink system data\n 2 linked interval timers\n 100-hour, 3-mode countdown timer\n 5 alarms for daily, weekday, weekend or weekly with 5-minute backup\n Up to 2 year battery life\n Included bike mount\n\nConsulten sin problemas.
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