Nord electro 4 HP
Nord Electro 4 Specification\n\nGLOBAL FEATURES\n\nNord Electro Electro 4 HP: 73-key (6 octaves, E-E) Velocity sensitive Hammer Action Portable keyboard\n\nPIANO AND SAMPLE LIBRARY SECTION\n\nMemory Nord Electro 4 73/HP\n\n380 MB memory dedicated to the Nord Piano Library128 MB memory dedicated to the Nord Sample Library\n The Piano Section has 5 categories - Grand, Upright, EPiano 1 (tine), Epiano 2 (reed) & Clav/Harpsichord.\nEach category can contain several different models.All pianos and samples can be replaced using the Nord Sound Manager applicationString Resonance-control (Gen 1)Long ReleaseThe Sample Library section can contain up to 50 samples from the Nord Sample LibraryStereo pianos and samples can be played back in mono40-60 Voices polyphony for Piano Library sounds. 15 Voices for Sample Library sounds.\n\nORGAN SECTION\n\nThree classic organ models: B3, Vox Continental, and Farfisa with full polyphonyB3 Tone Wheel Organ engine from Nord C2D Combo OrganTwo complete organ registrations for every programPercussion with 2nd, 3rd, normal/soft, fast/slow for the B3 modelUser adjustable percussion levels, percussion decays and key click levelVibrato / Chorus Control with separate functionality for each model (the classic C1, C2, C3, V1, V2, V3 options for the B3, Vibrato for the Farfisa)4 Tonewheel modes: select the level of \"vintage\" desiredMIDI Split: By connecting an extra MIDI keyboard the Nord Electro 4 can be used as a dual manual (Lower/Upper) organ with different drawbar settings for each manual\nNord Electro 4D: 9 physical drawbarsNord Electro 4 SW73/HP: Digital LED drawbars\n\nEFFECTS SECTION\n\nEffect 1 - pan, tremolo, auto-wah, pedal-wah and ring modulato
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