$3.99 Postmates Plus in Sacramento
The best merchants in your city are always available for $3.99 delivery. Get delivery from {u'twitter': u'', u'active': True, u'web_url': u'/sac/850dde41-4a2e-40af-adcf-791f21bcf0bd', u'pricing': {u'swipe_card': True, u'price_authority': True}, u'lng': -121.40127223, u'estimated_delivery_time': 50, u'city': u'Sacramento', u'header_img': {u'resolutions': [{u'url': u'', u'width': 1500, u'height': 900}, {u'url': u'', u'width': 760, u'height': 320}, {u'url': u'', u'width': 750, u'height': 450}, {u'url': u'', u'width': 640, u'height': 348}, {u'url': u'', u'width': 320, u'height': 174}], u'uuid': u'ddaf4cf0-b7d7-4957-a94b-9858d92a966e'}, u'state': u'CA', u'cash_only': False, u'zip_code': u'95825', u'phone_number': u'916-483-4444', u'icon_img': {u'resolutions': [{u'url': u'', u'width': 160, u'height': 160}], u'uuid': u'204c3441-f75e-4ba2-94cf-c860c1ffc068'}, u'description': u'', u'facebook_url': None, u'street_address_1': u'1310 Fulton Ave', u'preferred': True, u'street_address_2': u'', u'hours': {u'status': u'Delivery till 10:30 PM', u'state_message': None, u'delivery_message': u'Delivery till 10:30 PM', u'short_state_message': None, u'state': u'open', u'timezone': u'America/Los_Angeles', u'open': True}, u'estimated_delivery_cost': 3.99, u'lat': 38.589237061353494, u'uuid': u'850dde41-4a2e-40af-adcf-791f21bcf0bd', u'name': u'Pizza Guys', u'primary_place_category': {u'plural_name': u'Pizzas', u'uuid': u'c1107a8a-c894-4fef-967d-68f1f1cf02bf', u'name': u'Pizza'}, u'url': None, u'detail_img': None, u'show_custom_order': False}, and others in under an hour with Postmates - everyone's favorite delivery service.
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