Dreaded Hill Loop Trail
During the winter this park may close due to rain events. Dreaded Hill rises to the south of Four Corners where you can find water and information about the area. This is the gentler of the two approaches. The Dreaded Hill Trail begins an eighth of a mile west of Four Corners and rises 300 feet in about the same distance. On good days, you may see as far out into the Pacific as Catalina Island. The Santa Ana mountains rise to the northeast: you may lay claim to an excellent view of these as well as of Portola Hills and the Little Grand Canyon. Look for the redrock face to the northwest. Regardless of which approach they take, hikers should walk the Dreaded Hill loop in a counter-clockwise direction. The Serrano Cow Trail connects the Dreaded Hill Trail with the Whiting and Line Shack trails in the south. A fine grove of sycamores and coast live oaks shades your passage here. Watch for mule deer. Leave small children at home: mountain lions have been sighted in these parts.
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