Lake Sabrina to Blue Lake Trail
From the Sabrina Basin trailhead, follow the trail around the south shore of Lake Sabrina. Take notice of the wildflowers and spectacular view of the Sierra crest. As the trail reaches the back of the lake, it ascends up a large draw. The lower portions of the trail are exposed to the sun so this is a good early morning hike. Take note of the waterfall above the back of Lake Sabrina. Once the trail moves south, into the draw, the switchbacks begin. The trail from this point, all the way to Blue Lake consists of short sections of straight trail sandwiched between repetitive series of switchbacks. Much of these switchbacks are forested but those that are not provide an excellent vista looking back toward Lake Sabrina. While this is a good uphill hump, the view is what will take your breath away. The scenery is spectacular. The trail winds up into the forest and flattens out as the trail approaches the lake. Blue Lake is located at about 10,400 ft. and is very scenic. There are excellent picnic areas at the outlet of the lake and along the back of the lake toward the inlet. Don’t stop where you first see the lake. The best spots are further up the tail. Take some photos, eat some lunch, fish a little, and then retrace your steps back to the Sabrina Basin Trailhead.
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