Perimeter Loop Hike
This loop hike across parallel ridges of Joseph D. Grant County Park offers sweeping views of the wild, mountainous terrain nearby and occasionally looks out over the southern end of Silicon Valley to the west. You'll see the usual Grant County Park attractions -- wildflowers in spring, tarantulas in the fall, raptors and coyotes all year -- while joining the elite few who have finished one of the Bay Area's most strenuous hikes. Best done in winter when the weather's cool but the trails aren't muddy (provided you can hike this many miles before sunset). Next-best time is spring, when the hills are green and the wildflowers are out. It's too hot in summer, and probably not worth risking in fall if you can't carry enough water for the entire day. This route goes to Antler Point, highest in the park; climbs Washburn trail, steepest in the park; and follows a long stretch of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, which has some of the best views.
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