Pikes Peak from the Crags Trail
Visitors will continue to notice significant changes in the drainage over the next few years as more and more spruce trees succumb to the natural succession from the beetle infestation. Additional Forest Health Projects, including timber removal, will necessitate future closures in the Crags area beginning in the fall of 2017 for public safety The shortest free hiking route up Pikes Peak From the parking lot you will see the sign for the Crags trailhead. Begin hiking down this trail. After a tenth of a mile you will see a sign on the right labeling trail 664A take this trail across a log bridge and begin your ascent. This trail will take you into a basin at the base of the peak, then it will aggressively gain elevation up to Devil's Playground. As you reach Devil's Playground the rest of the route to the summit comes into view. The ridge is a long and gradual hike. As you hike the ridge you must cross the Pikes Peak Tollway and stay on the Northeast side of the road. The road is regularly patrolled and you will be fined if caught hiking on it. The last bit of trail to the summit is a steep rocky section. Keep your eyes open for cairns that mark the trail. If you stay on the trial this section isn't bad, but if you lose the trail you're in for some tough rock scrambling. At the summit rest in the summit house and return the way you came.
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