Backway to Crown King
Steep climb goes from desert to cooler mountains This is a challenging four-wheel-drive route but is also a great historical tour. Your trip will be greatly enhanced if you learn a little about the area before you go. A book I've found most helpful is Crown King and the Southern Bradshaws: A Complete History by Bruce M. Wilson. It explains the history and development of the mines and mining towns with pictures from the past. Knowing how things looked back then will help you understand what remains today. Located in Prescott National Forest. For current conditions call Bradshaw Ranger District (928) 443-8000 Most of this route is easy to moderate; however, there are a few difficult places that will challenge stock vehicles. The road has gotten worse over the years, especially the steepest part in the last four miles. Erosion has exposed more rocks and deep ruts have formed. Aggressive stock vehicles with good articulation can get up this trail but they may need to stack rocks or be helped with a tow strap.
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