Pike to Bike Trail
Four Lanes of Superhighway now dedicated to non-motorized traffic. Also known as the Superhighway Trail, this section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike abandoned in 1968 is now uniquely dedicated to non-motorized use. Originally planned to be a railroad throughway in 1883, it has the gentle grade common to rail trails. It also has both the shortest and longest tunnels on the original 1940 Turnpike. Neither of the tunnels have lights so bike headlamps are important. In the spring and fall you might want to take a jacket because, while it may be warm outside, it will still be cold in the tunnels. Watch for pillars of ice in the winter. The "trail" surface is 4 lanes of turnpike concrete 6 inches thick overlaid with asphalt. 36 years of disuse means that there are plenty of cracks. The upper quarter inch of asphalt seems to have pulled away in many places. The westbound lanes seem in better shape overall than eastbound.
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