Glen Onoko Falls and Lehigh Gorge Overlook Trail
Great hike but not very well marked in some places and crowded at most of the falls points. Follow the shoreline of the river until you get to the mouth of the stream. Start to head up the stream on the right side and eventually you will get on the orange trail (you'll see markings on the rocks). This route requires a little bit of hands and knees crawling under brush but it makes for an adventure. Once you're on the trail it is easy to follow. The falls are beautiful and the water is very refreshing. The top of the very last fall is now blocked off due to people falling. Continue up the orange trail and you will find yourself looking at a sign with a large fire pit on the left. You can take the red trail (turn right at the sign) back down. This trail is not very well marked especially at the bottom so beware of your general location. Beautiful trail with many picture points for the waterfalls. You definitely need good hiking shoes and some water...there's some uphill on the rocks that gets tricky and can get you winded but it is absolutely worth it!
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