Ricketts Glen Falls
17 Amazing waterfalls along a steep but well-maintained trail Have good footwear for this one...It's often wet and slippery even though the trail is maintained in excellent condition. This hike is a simple loop that takes you past most of the falls in Ricketts Glen State Park. You can do this loop when camping at the park because it's an easy walk to the trailhead (about a mile each way from most of the campsites). Start at the sign and follow the trail. Turn right when the trail splits and follow the signs to the Falls Trail. You'll shortly see your first waterfall. There is a bridge at "Waters Meet" that you need to cross where the two streams merge - although it's not the halfway point, it is where you'll start heading uphill instead of downhill. Follow the trail up and, if you'd like, you can take the shortcut to the Highland Trail when you see the sign. The Highland Trail will take you back, after passing through the "Midway Crevasse", to the Lake Rose parking lot.
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