Sly Park Jenkinson Lake Loop Trail
Summer boating, fall colors, winter snowshoeing, and spring waterfalls make this El Dorado park enjoyable year round The trails around Jenkinson Lake can be visited on horseback, mountain bike and foot. This guide, however, is going to focus on hiking. The full route, if you go all the way around, is just over 8 miles. With the continuous ups and downs it can feel like a lot further though. The total elevation change is insignificant but the small "whoopdedoos" can amount to hundreds and even thousands of feet perceived elevation change. Good physical endurance is a must if you're going to make it all the way. Jenkinson Lake at Sly Park has outdoor activities all times of the year. Snowshoes, cross-country skiing, boating and swimming are enjoyed by many. It's a huge park with more features than most people can visit in one day. There are events in the park that include everything from community mixers to the yearly "Run on the Sly". This park has been voted "Best Recreation Facility by the Mountain Democrat newspaper year after year.
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