Abiqua Falls Trail
This is a beautiful area, but there is an easy route and a nasty route. Here are some tips on how to avoid the nasty trail: 1. At the very end of the road, you'll notice a trail to your East located about 2 car lengths back from the gate (dead end). There will be a big black and white sign explaining that this is private land and to play it safe. 2. Shortly after that big sign, the trail will seem to split. One path has a fallen tree crossing the trail. The other path, to your right, looks well-traveled. 3. STAY TO YOUR LEFT. WALK OVER THE FALLEN TREE. Shortly after you cross over the log you will see an identical black and white sign. You'll also see a long knotted rope anchored to the base of a small tree. This is the trail you want to be on. Further down the correct trail, you'll get to a point where two large trees have fallen down parallel to one another, leading straight down to the river's edge. There is a rope which leads down the entire length of these logs. This is the easiest way down to the valley floor. Back at the Y, if you chose the trail to your right, you will see the following clues that you are on the wrong path: 1. There will be a nice clearing covered with short grass. This spot has a great view of the valley. The path leading to this point seems very well used. TURN AROUND YOUR ON THE WRONG PATH. 2. Shortly after the grass clearing, the trail will narrow down to a single path of loose sharp stones and dust. The topography will become very steep. The path will make several very quick switch backs. TURN AROUND YOUR ON THE WRONG PATH. 3. You will see a rope tied to a dead tree trunk about 4 feet above the ground where notch has been hacked into the tree trunk for the rope to nest in. TURN AROUND YOUR ON THE WRONG PATH. 4. The rope tied to this dead tree has no outer sheath and looks very old. It also happens to be just long enough to lead you to think you can make it to the next rope tied to a root, but you can't, and by that time you'll find it hard to retreat. TURN AROUND YOUR ON THE WRONG PATH. At this point you should turn around and head back. Don't be foolish! When users reached the second rope tied to the root they reported that it was nothing more than a 3 foot long nub. The entire area is made of loose jagged rocks anchored by nothing but dust. The trails leading down the falls are not marked at all. Parking: Parking is located in small nooks along the single lane dirt road. The further down you go the sketchier it gets. There is a big wash out and some huge craters about 3/4 of the way down the road. The road heads down hill. So, when you're leaving you'll be climbing out of the valley, and that washout with the craters is at a hairpin turn, so you can't get much of a run at it.
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