Raccoon Creek Waterfall Hike
Morning hike at Raccoon Creek State Park. Loop hike starting at Frankfort Mineral Springs parking area. This features the waterfall at the Mineral Springs area, Traverse Creek Dam, the smaller lake & a nice hike in the woods. This was done in May after some rain so there were several muddy areas. I'll point out that my GPS tracking failed halfway through, so I patched the entire loop back together, thus the choppy track. Gives you the idea though.  Hike starts on the Mineral Springs Loop Trail to the falls. Then, follow the Heritage Trail to the Camp Trail. I took Camp Trail and walked down to the dam for a visit. I then went back up the trail to park road and followed it a very short distance across the bridge over Traverse Creek. You'll hit the Wetlands Trail trailhead there. I followed Wetlands along the creek, back up to the dam, and then up the Heron Trail. I cut through the Sioux camping area and followed the trail out of the end of the camp road to the Forest Trail (follow the paved road into the camp and at the end of the road, head straight. There's a sign marking a trail to reach a backpacking area. You'll see the backpacking area - for camping - turn right - but the main trail continues straight. Keep following straight and you'll end up at the Forest Trail, which was marked). I followed Forest back to Route 18, walked down the road to the Park Office area, picked up a spur of the Upland Trail/Mineral Springs Loop Trail and back to my car.
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