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A question about Work
Today there was an exam in our official training. It was an open book test and mobile was also allowed. All were copying answers from each other and also posting standard answers for each question on WhatsApp Grp from which all were copying. But I decided to write unique answer of my own as the answers will be evaluated by same guide and he may notice that everyone's answer is the same.and so with much difficulties and shortage of time crafted answrs by referring various sources. While I was still writing and I had to complete around 8 short questions in just 15 mins, one colleague came and forcibly took away my answr sheet to copy from. I felt so wronged as I had put in much effort just to write unique answers and also was short of time. I protested and snatched my paper back from him . He requested to take a snap of my answer sheet to which I refused. Others felt I was being selfish and told me it sent a wrong message about me that I am non coperative as almost everyone were exchanging answer sheets. I even apologised later to him but I am feeling kind of guilty and angry at the same time. Is it wrong to not want to copy and not let others copy during exam..sorry for such long message.
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