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A question about Relationships
I nd my bf r in very much in love but the problem is that we can't stay together nd leaving each other gives us goose bums nd most important think is that he made me feel I can be a special person to sum one nd some one will take care of my like it's baby I don't want to loose him neither he want to loose me that I can see in this eyes but the problems r\n1. Different cast\n2. He is nt stable as my family nd he is afraid that he won't be able you keep me the way my life style is today nd don't want me to cum and adjust there .\n3. I had a issue with his first cousin nd my bf knows about it nd I can't see him in front of me \n4. He is nt ready to marry be because of 2 no. Problem \nGuys I don't know wht to do as my parents r seeing rishta for me nd I can't even stop them as he is nt ready I really need u help plzz help me wht to do but plzz guys don't give any bad words to him he is very special to me if I start writing about the think which he has done for me I think I go on writing nd don't know when will I stop \nSoo plzz guys help me plzz wht to do plzz need ur help as soon as possible plzz
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