The voice of a madman pierces through a house of horrors as clearly as it does through an on-line chat room...anonymously. In such a chat room is where 15-year old Genevieve Gage and her best friend Tiana Moore try to rustle up some action after school. It's also where they meet Captain Howdy who, behind an electronic veil, seems like a typical, hormones-a-poppin' high school student. When he invites Genevieve and Tiana to a party one night, they naively accept. When Genevieve doesn't return home that night, her father, Detective Mike Gage, a committed police professional who subscribes to such statistics as "Ninety-five percent of all missing children are found at friends' or relatives' homes within hours," remains calm. His wife Toni , however, takes little comfort in numbers and even less in the stability of her marriage.
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