Shuttlecock (1989)
From her vantage point as a neighbor, nightclub singer Lina (Liane Hielscher) observes and comments (through her act) on the complex tangle of romantic attractions which center on the offices of a psychiatrist (Christian Phillips) who lives and works in the hothouse climate of Southern California. In this romantic comedy and social satire, it seems that the psychiatrist is in love with his patient, an artist who is in love with a stand-up comic, who is living with a stripper. All of them seek to unfold the meaning of their obsessions with the psychiatrist, who in turn seeks the same thing from his psychiatrist. Meanwhile, not content with confessing all on the psychiatrist's couch, all these artists and artistes unburden themselves of their concerns with their friends, and use them in their art and performances.~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide
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