Silliest News Report Ever!
Lights, camera, action! Dramatic play is always a hit, so have your sitter or nanny try this silly improv activity with {child} to pass the time. Your sitter can hold a pretend microphone and give a false news story. The sitter can point the microphone at {child} when it’s {m:his}{f:her} turn to help fill in a silly word or phrase, like a mad lib. Here are some examples to get started--and remember, funny names are a must! Good evening, ladies and gnomes. This is Brad Bugeldorf reporting to you live from our studio on Jupiter. Tonight our top story is about a penguin who decided to learn to play the frugelhorn while blowing bubbles out of his nose. His name is Flippity Flop, and he lives in Somewherehastobecolderthanthis, in the South Pole… Howdy, howdy, howdy! This is your daily sports report, with your smelly host, Sally Supersportsfan. There were many losses and ties in football today, as the cheerleaders all decided to explode. Without their moldy pompoms, the football players were so sad they fell asleep. Broccoli lined the fields, and most of them just ended up spitting it out. Fans went crazy, throwing stinky socks onto the field at the players….
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