Bobbing Blowfish
What toddler can resist an animal game? Here’s one you and {child} can play together the next time you’re at the pool. Besides having fun, {child} will learn breath control and breath holding - important steps in learning how to swim. Have {child} pretend {m:he}{f:she}’s a “Bobbing Blowfish,” and that there are scary sea creatures {m:he}{f:she} needs to hide from. Call out the name of a creature such as “Hammerhead shark!” and show {m:him}{f:her} how to take a deep breath and submerge underwater, blowing bubbles from {m:his}{f:her} mouth and nose. Repeat with, “Octopus!” “Sting Ray!” “Barracuda!” “Jellyfish!” “Alligator!” Next, ask {child} to hold {m:his}{f:her} breath underwater for two seconds before {m:he}{f:she} bobs to the surface for air.
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