Dr. Harish Modi (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
View MRS VASUDHA SHINDE aged 64 year's came to me for homoeopathic consultation about a year ago for her uterine trouble ( prolapsus) .she was advied to undergo vaginal hysterectomy and ap repair for second degree uterine prolapse She too had urinary symptoms like dysurea, frequency of urination and dribbling for which she constantly keep her legs crossed and mind on bladder. Out of intense fear and powerty she declied to the gynaecologist for major operation and out of non arrangements for blood required to operation. Her case was reportrised as follows using a app and was given LIL TIG HER GENUS REMEDY IN 200C 1 DAY,1M ON 2ND DAY AND 10M ON 3RD DAY IN A ASCENDING SEQUENCE. SL PILLS FOR 5 MONTHS BD HER PROGRESS OF THE DISEASE WAS SLOW AND SWIFT BUT REMARKABLE. SHE WAS Q CURED OF HER URINARY INCONTINENCE AND OTHER ANNOYING SYMPTOMS COMPLETELY AT THE END OF 5 MONTHS ALSO UTERINE DESCENT TOO WAS REDUCED TILL INTROITUS ONLY FROM GREAD 2
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