Dr. T.s Mohammed Imran (Unani Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
A female patient age about 54 years old A case of cva seizure neck since today morning 6:30 AM C/O seizures on off and severe neck pain general weakness numbness of lower limbs fever cold chills H/O A chronic seizures headache patient last 4 years ago start this problem a patient continuously suffering a condition Poor diet sleepless Not know CVA HTN DM No C/O COPD EPILEPSY NO Abdominal distention No. Orgenomegaly O/E Patient Counsicsess Dullness Seizures on off Chills with fever BP:120/70mmhg PR:90 TM Temperature:99 ۰F GCS:E4.V5.M6 Movements are normal Pupils are reactive
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