Dr. Kanchan Kumar Sen (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
23 yrs young man had injured by motorcycle accident on right leg and back since 2 yrs ago and became senseless for 7 days but no any fracture seen and admitted in hospital for 1 month . Cramping pain and numbness of rt leg and back , could not walk without support , and almost cured by allopathic treatment for 6 months . Again complaints seen from 6 months and unable to perform normal work with heavy weakness< walking > massaging . Heavy dry irritating cough seen from 3 months Trembling of inside of ear from 6 months < stooping , lying down , sound . Mind thinks about his illness , irritable , brave Appetite less craving for salty foods hot food boiled egg dislikes sweet thirst + . Thermal normal sleep normal Sweat and urine normal stool hard and large Given Rhus Tox 1 M single dose and Rumex 6 TDs on 2.7.20 cough > 70% , other symptoms same . What will be next medicine ? . Please suggest medicine doctors .
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