Dr. Sepuri Krishna Mohan (Endocrinology) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
This is an example for height of negligence. My patient aged about 54 yrs, suffering from T2DM, HTN,DKD ( Diabetic Kidney Disease ), CRF with generalised oedema from head to toe, including scrotum, had put on a weight of 16 kg in a span of 1 month duration, Chronic Smoker from the last 40 yrs, non alcoholic, came for check up today after 2 yrs.FPG 345mg/dl, 2 hr PG 456 mg/dl, abnormal lipid parameters, Serum Creatinine is 4.6 mg/ dl,HbA1c 14.5%. He stopped all medicines including Insulin too, referred him to an Ophthalmologist to r/o Retinopathy, he has already painful sensory neuropathy ie TRIOPATHY,prophylactically I had put fim on tab Clopidogrel 75 mg to prevent at least ASCVD, CVA. Inspite of repeated counseling this is the scenario. God only can help such patients, Incredible India
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