Dr. Swastik Sharma (Ayurveda) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
A k/c/o DM2 (20 years) H/o CAD (3 years ago), angioplasty NOT DONE, recovered with medication. Now noticed mild symptoms of Ardita (facial paralysis) 2 days ago. Present condition: BSF--> 211 mg/dl B.P---> 124/74 mmhg E.C.G --> NAD Please note: Present treatment is Tab. Glimepiride 2 + metformine 500 Tab. Tenaligliptine Tab. Ramipril+Atorvastanin+Aspirin Pt. Took 2 doses of prednisolone 20 mg, but did withdrawal due to increase in blood sugar. What will be the required e examinations and prescribed initial treatment? Thanks
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