Dr. S.k. Mudgal (General Practice (Ayurveda)) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
(Respt.DOC'S What may think ) Report.of ptn. not traceable,photo copy of ptn's register.27.9. 17 Male,38 yrs,goodlooking,busines man.Married with two chaps. Came with main complaint Stool motion more than 6 time in a day with pain.Endoscopy shows 25 mm ulcerative colitis.he was under treatment fr last 2 years.controlled by med(A reputed india base hospital).but after 20 days ,reapt same position. Nardi parikshan traced some mucus also. comb.start as Swaran Parpati,Kurda chhal,Parval pishti, with gulkand. After meal Chiterkadi,kamdudha, SootSekhar,& Kutajghanwati. diet Only Khichardi with cow ghee & curd.Anar juice only After two weeks comb. with Panchamrit par patti,remove Swaran par patti.result Positive50% Next Ras Manikya,Gandhsk rasayan,Satvgiloy,Parval pishti , kurdachall,with Malaye+mishri. before meal.After meal no change. repeated for 30 days .After recovery tmt.closed. Here is the point to share that 2nd report shows to cover the ulceration,but ptn. is complaining pain & loose motion again ? I also surprise what happen.I asked him for stool culture. Stool Report indicate ( Geiardia Instatinitis,plenty of Bacterial). this was the major clue to reapt the same position after tmt. provide Videnga Asav,Kutjarisht Krmikuthar ras,Soot sekher ras. Surprisingly ptn recovered from all side. next month he was treated to boost the lost power.Now after one year ,he keeps no complaint. (My thinking if Doc of a India based institute,why ignored to cheque the stool ,witch was the main cause. Is it was necligency or ignorance? by witch ptn.have to lost time &money.Req.only to alert small sympotems also.Advise welcome.
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