Dr. Somesh Sharma (General Practice) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
*Chief Complaint* A 52-year-old male was taken to the hospital with a complaint of severe abdominal pain and fever since yesterday. *History* Yesterday e fell unconscious at home and had back pain immediately after that. *Vitals* Temp: 101.2 degree F, BP: 135/85 mmhg, Pulse: 103 bpm, RR: 50 bpm, the patient had a mild temperature elevation and abdominal rigidity on exam *Investigations* WBC: 10,950/µL (4,500-11,000/µL) with a bandemia of 19% and thrombocytopenia of 113,000/µL (130,000-400,000/µL). Serum creatine kinase level was 103,105 U/L (<230 U/L). ALT of 345 U/L (<46 U/L). CT Head normal, In CT of the abdomen and pelvis we noted mildly dilated transverse colon. *Treatment* What is your opinion on diagnosis and treatment?
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