Dr. Iqbal Sayyed (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Introduction:- This disease (deficiency of glucose or sugar in blood) occurs due to many reasons. It occurs due to any reason or when the patient works hard physically or remains careless bout his diet. Glucose is the main source of brain energy. When glucose level is decreased in blood due to any reason, the brain is not able to get glucose and is not able to store mental energy. Due to it, different types of diseases start occurring in the body. To retain mental energy, it is necessary to keep glucose level as normal in blood. Mental energy is decreased due to deficiency of glucose in blood. Several types of troubles occur due to deficiency of glucose in the brain. In such condition, it is necessary to take treatment soon. In diabetes patients, there are many reasons for deficiency of glucose in blood:- When a person uses additional insulin and diet (food), glucose is decreased in blood. It also occurs when a person does not take meals even in the condition of hungry and remain hungry for a long time. Sugar (glucose) level is also decreased due to working hard or as irregular way. This disease occurs due to any type of disease or after surgery. Glucose (sugar) is also decreased in blood due to taking alcohol additionally. It also occurs due to removing out body fluid by frequent vomiting and watery loose motions. This disease also occurs due to much mental tension, worry and by remaining sad. In non-diabetes patients, it occurs due to several reasons like- taking alcohol or medicines additionally, liver diseases, working hard, fever, etc. Glucose level is decreased in blood due to sickness of pancreas glands, fasting, frequent vomiting, etc. during pregnancy period. Symptoms:- Many symptoms are found in the patient suffering from this disease like- laziness, vertigo, body weakness, yellow or sticky face, profuse perspiration, lack of hunger, desires for vomiting all the time, neuralgic disorders, trembling in the body, weak sight (vision) or unable to see anything properly, unconsciousness, etc. Be careful:- We should start curing this disease immediately whether it occurs during diabetes or not. If any symptom among above said symptoms is found in the patient, give things immediately having enough sugar (glucose) in them like- ice-cream, sugar, glucose biscuits, etc. The patient should also take such food stuffs that can nourish his body at little intervals like- grains, milk, fruits juice, etc. He should not take milk or cheese for getting glucose, because glucose is related with protein, so it is not able to enhance glucose level in blood soon. In this disease, he should avoid liquor (wine), hard physical and mental works, tobacco, fasting, etc. and take insulin regularly. Note:- If any symptom among these symptoms is found in a diabetes patient, he should be carried to a doctor immediately for treatment
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