Dr. Ashutosh Chandan Dubey (Internal Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
GERD, cause unknown? *Chief Complaints* A 17 yr old male has come with recurrent History of Retrosternal pain and regurgitation with sour taste in mouth and burning sensation which stayed for many minutes for past 2 yrs. He was using PPI for past 2 yrs along with antiemetic but it was of no relief. No H/O Malena, hematemesis, fever, wt loss, vomiting, loose stool etc. His CXR, ECG, other blood Ix were normal. I also tried same drug for few days, but still he was having same complain. Pt was referred to higher center to find out the cause of GERD. UGI Endoscopy, 24 hr Ph monitoring and manometry of UG was advised in referral paper. Pt returned with UGI endoscopy report showing esophagitis and fundal erythema. Due to ignorance of pt party the cause of GERD is still unknown.
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