Dr. Shoaib Aslam (Family Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Female patient of age 35 complain of high grade fever since three days. *Chief Complaints* Fever Weakness Weight loss *History* On detail history she tells she had unexplained weight loss since 6months On off fever since 4 months Weakness NO history of DM No history of Htn. No history of cough or cold No chest pain. *Vitals* Bp:108/70 Pulse: 155 (she told that she always had high pulse rate ranging ( 100-140). Temp:102 Spo2:98 *Physical Examination* Anemic ++ Palor+ PA:Soft A small swelling along lateral side of neck *Investigations* Cbc:Hb:10.8 Widal:160+ Urine R/M:NAD Montoux :Negetive ESR:50 I Advice :FNAC( for growth on neck). Blood culture Urine culture *Diagnosis* DD Granulomatous TB??? FUO?? Enteric fever??? Need opinion *Management* Need opinion
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