Dr. Hiral Maliwad (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
One 45 yrs unmarried female pt came with the complain of weakness, abdominal discomfort, vertigo ,Uneasiness, n Occasionally nausea vomiting present...n skin became black since one yr...she is sero positive ( detected before 10 yrs ) BP 110/60mmHg, pulse rate 72/min S2O within normal range... Thirst - wants cold water frequently appetite -decrease Occ.constipated Urine -NAD menstrual cycle regular , flow normal ,Partially dark clotted ,Odour not present , Mentals- ( On call....) She is Much Introvert, shy , kind , anxious about health...specifically for this complain...consolation >.she told me dnt say any one about this... When I ask about past history she denied abt BT before that , hv a no physical Relation with anybody...have a no past history of any underline dz .... What about the ayush Management regarding this case....? Kindly come forward with your opinion .....
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