Dr. Iqbal Sayyed (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Semen weak Impotence Infertility Intestinal wound Baldness Arthritis jaundice Sugar (diabetes) Liver defects heart disease Table of foods containing vitamin 'E' - Wheat Green greens gram Barley Dates Rice flour fresh milk butter Cream Sweet potato Important things about Vitamin 'E' Vitamin 'E' is soluble in fat. It is found abundantly in sprouted grains and herbicides. Excess of oxygen in the astronauts creates the defect of anemia, which is cured with vitamin 'E'. Vitamin 'E' has the special property of removing any kind of pain. Due to deficiency of Vitamin 'E' in the body, infection of any disease starts soon. As soon as vitamin 'E' is deficient, vitamin 'A' starts destroying from the body respectively. Vitamin 'E' is rich in wheat oil. Vitamin 'E' is found in very small amounts in salads, eggs and meat etc. Infertility of women is due to lack of vitamin 'E' in the body. Vitamin 'E' is also called Tecopherol. Vitamin 'E' is being successfully used all over the world to prevent diseases like infertility of women, repeated miscarriages, birth of a child. Vitamin 'E' is said to be a divine boon for a patient who burns due to fire, and the patient does not feel infection due to its use. Vitamin 'E' is particularly effective on reproductive organs. There is no effect of heat on vitamin 'E'. Lack of vitamin E in the body is also a reason for impotence of men. Adequate vitamin 'E' is present in cottonseed. Vaginal wounds, gangrene etc. are eliminated with the use of vitamin 'E'. If vitamin 'E' is sufficient in the body, the body needs less of vitamin 'A'. Vitamin 'E' is an important contributor to hormones balance. Due to deficiency of vitamin 'E', there is an obstruction in the activities of thyroid gland and pituitary gland. Due to deficiency of vitamin 'E', the breasts of the woman shrink and the chest becomes flat. Using vitamin 'E' benefits patients suffering from mental disorders. In the absence of sexual desire in women, using vitamin 'E' is beneficial.
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