Dr. Mahesh Machavarapu (General Surgery) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
20yrs Male, Assaulted , stab injury came to ER at 6:00pm, B.P - 80/43 mmHg , Spo2. 67% , RR - 43, P.R- 147. FAST Scan - Left Kidney mid cortical lacerated injury, peri renal hematoma. In ABG , sev. metabolic acidosis, Hb-4.3%. Planned for nephrectomy, on OT table - B.p 47/23 with triple inotrope support, Intraop - Huge retroperitoneal hematoma, bowel and other solid organs normal. What would be the next best possible step ? What would be the Prognosis if we proceed with Nephrectomy with this vitals ? as it is a MLC case What would be the possible legal implications on surgeons if patient died on table ( explained prior On table death possibility ) ?.
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