Dr. Prashant Ved (Emergency Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
30yrs/F G2P2 patient presented with Complaints of Severe breathlessness,Chest pain and cough since 2 days.H/o Post Caesarian delivery 6 days back,also having H/o DVT 3yrs back. She was apparently normal 2 days back,then she developed Moderate chest pain and fever.presented with unstable haemodynamic status.Endotracheal tube insertion was performed for impending respiratory DIAGNOSIS AND SUGGEST MANAGEMENT PLAN? *Chief Complaints* Severe breathlessness,Chest pain and cough *History* DVT - 3yrs back Post Caesarian delivery *Vitals* BP - 120/80,HR - 130,Spo2 - 85%,RR -35,Temp -102°F *Physical Examination* Chest - B/l Crepts *Investigations* Hb -11,TLC -17600, Neutrophils -94,Lymphocytes - 04,CPK MB - 29,Trop I -546,D -dimer ->10000,CRP -21,PCT -0.12
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