Dr. Viva Bipin (Ayurveda) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
A 65 yr old male patient, complained of pricking type of pain on sitting... since few days...!! Appetite-ok Bowels- once Sleep-ok Previous history of frozen shoulder...!! Appeared to be vata-pitta prakriti.. He is a retired govt employee...!! Does daily 1 hr walk..!! O/E No pain / tenderness in the low - back No radiating pain..!! SLR - negative..!! No h/o trauma..!! Provisional diagnosis- Coccydynia Ayurvedically- Trikashoola/ Gudagata vata...!!? Advised- E/A with Valiya Narayana tailam & Ketaki muladi tailam,followed by Swedana for 5 days. Dazzle ointment at night,followed by application of Rhue plaster..!! Was asked to sit ,with leaning forward, with cushion support...!! The patient reported relief..!! Age- related degeneration, might be the reason,so he was advised to do Abhyanga with Dhanwantaram kuzhambu, weekly twice,followed by warm water bath..!!
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