Dr. Neha Mehrotra (Ophthalmology) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Timolol Gel Effective for Infantile Capillary Hemangiomas For treatment of cutaneous infantile capillary hemangiomas that are not visually threatening, topical timolol maleate gel 0.25% is safe and effective, Capillary hemangiomas account for 5.6% of all pediatric orbital tumors. They resolve in about one half of patients by age 5 years and in nearly three quarters by age 7 years. Long-term complications include amblyopia, strabismus, cutaneous changes, residual proptosis, ocular dystropia, and several rare conditions. In the past 5 years, systemic propranolol gained favor as a treatment for capillary hemangiomas. Treatment, which reduces the size of the lesion within 24 hours, is believed to be due to a triple mechanism of action: vasoconstriction, reduction in proangiogenic signals, and induction of apoptosis. "Like propranolol, timolol maleate is a nonselective beta blocker, and it is commonly used to treat infantile glaucoma," Dr. Chambers said.
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