Dr. Prabhu Singh (Pediatrics) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
childhood to adult , Pt is now 43 yr wt 70 kg Bp. 110 /70 old f chronic urticaria science age 15 yr .on off . in early age control by antihistamine, on off steroid , some time local JADi Buti leaves of forest ? past medi. history. 1yr back have spasmodic cough , relive by motilucast+livoctrizen, MDI inhelor Judiciary,Asthelin, ketotifen . #goitor science age 18 yr age subclinical found after First delivery of a Healthy boy . TSH T4 Normal , IGE High ### ANA normal liver function normal ,ureteric stone removed in past , Oral cavity ,3yr back there is white lining Lican plans , physician treated as fungal infection But not relive , later go in remison it self , it aggravated by spice food that time. Allergy panal for rhinitis, asthma, found ,Dust allergy. not done,drug allergy test till date. urine strile on culture PRESENT TIME PT ON LCZ 10 MY BID MONTAIT LC 10MG OD LAST 1 MONTH, PT HAVE ehhomosis at site of urticaria ,at pressor point. Skin specialist say , Echhomosis is not part of Urticaria , kindly plan , evaluation,dd,
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