Dr. Kanchan Kumar Sen (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
A 16 yrs girl having a complaints of enuresis at mid and late night with frothy profuse amount and foul smelling 2-3 days interval from 2 yrs < winter with incontinence of urine < sneezing and coughing . Pain in thighs and calf muscles alternately left and right leg , stay 1 day < night and cloudy weather > massaging and tight bandage from 2 months . Foul breathing and salivation < night from childhood . Swelling and spongy gum with salty secretion from 2 months . F / H grand mother - paralysis of legs Mind extrovert timid angry easily aggravated consolation . Hot patient + sleep deeply lying on right side dreams with cries out thinks anyone chase her . Appetite normal craving for meat salty foods ++ hot food thirst + cold drinks and icecream eating slowly Sweat + on head + stool normal . Mense severe pain in lower abdomen before 1 hour and stay whole day with crying , clotted and hot flashes , pruritus vulva during mense > after .flows through 4 the day . Please suggest medicine doctors .
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