Dr. Sepuri Krishna Mohan (Endocrinology) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Dear my friends and fellow Colleagues, Here is an update on the relationship between LSM Plus Metformin and decreased incidence of T2DM in adults. Adults at high risk for T2DM who had received Lifestyle intervention or Metformin in 3 year DPP (Diabetes Prevention Programme) study & then continued to participate in DPPOS (DPP Outcome Study) were less likely to develop DM compared to placebo group. Participants who did not develop DM also had significantly lower risk of 1) CVD, 2) CKD & 3) Eye disease. 22 years follow up data from DPP. ADA Virual Scientific Sessions, June, 2020 Regards and thanks, Dr Sepuri Krishna Mohan.
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