Dr. Manorama Rajan (Neurology) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
New case 29 yr,F ,No known comorbidities, presented withrtsided unsteadiness 3 days with feeling of things are removing infront of the eyes since 2 days. No head ache/ vertigo .Denied having any symptoms of vasculitis. Not on any hormonal med. On exam ,Np 120/ 80 mmhg .No external stigmata of vasculitis. Optic fundi normal.Rt eye is not adducting full and left eye shows nystagmus on left lateral position. Power gr5/ 5 , rt sided cerebellar signs with difficulty for tandom walking Routein hematology normal. CSF NORMAL STUDY including oligoclonal band.Vascutilis screening normal. VEP ,ABER,SEP normal. What is the diagnosis and what abnormality in the MRI?.
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