Dr. Sampat Kedare (Pediatrics) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Three yr old male child brought by relatives with edema over whole body, lack of interest in playing , decreases ओरल intake since three month Lab:: Hb 4.,WBC..Total 12000 .N-50,L45,E-2,M-3. Platelets-11000.blood group positive.CRP-1:8dil..Urine-Protein..++++,pus cells1-2/hpf RBC 00/hpf. Sr total protein..4.4gm/dl. Sr alb1.8. Dr globulin 2.6. HIV _be BUL 25mg/dl. Dr cret.6mg /dl. Widal..s'typhi O.. 1:320 S'typhi H01:80. Serum vit D3= 9.19ng/ml. USG ABD....bil renal swelling with mild increase in renal cortical echo,s/o changes of nephritis.minimal ascitic fluid in abd. Clinically..... Severe Anaemia, with gen ana sarca with hypoalbuminia, with ptoteinurea ....MCNS...minimal lesion nephrotic syndrome..... Serum cholesterol awaited. Case open for clinical discussion and management. 24hr urinary pr is awaited.
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